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"I Surrender"

Updated: May 22, 2021

A message from me to me 👉🏾 "Surrender." To do right by yourself, you must stop caring so much about what others or society may think of you. Those social constructs and irrelevant opinions/judgments/voices limit you. Stop taking yourself so seriously; stop trying to control the narrative.


Do the thing 👉🏾take the risk👉🏾release the control -freak. How often do we miss out on life's experiences because we want to control the narrative so much? How often do we allow fear to make the decision for us? How often do we talk ourselves out of something because of uncertainty?


You are divinely designed to "BE." Be free, have fun, be expansive and experience JOY! We limit ourselves too often from experiencing a full life.


I colored my hair to send this very message to myself. I was nervous af b/c I tend to play it safe and measured; as long as I’m in control.

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