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Dis-Order | Am I in Alignment?

Over the past couple weeks, “alignment” has been a theme in sessions and in conversations with friends. In one of the conversations the word “disorder” was used and for some reason, I heard it differently and it was broken up. I heard “dis-order” and the download came that many of the unwanted experiences and challenges or “suffering” if you will, can be connected to being “out of order” or out of our divine design. When we’re moving in alignment with our destiny, future-self, and our values, there’s a level of ease and flow that comes to the journey. It doesn’t erase challenges or pain but viewing from an aligned viewpoint, our perspective changes.

Abraham Hicks says, “Alignment trumps everything. Stay off the subject that disturbs your alignment, and everything that you are about will come into alignment.” In other words, shift our focus on how to become aligned and live from that place that resonates and is connected with our inner being. Give yourself the permission to really hone in on what you need.

What are your needs to BE in alignment? Where do you need to re-focus?

So, how do we check in with ourselves to see if we’re aligned? Excellent question- ask those reflective questions related to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds- am I aligned with my truth or am I operating from conditioning?

Ask yourself these questions-

  • Does this bring me joy or frustration?

  • Is this a loving relationship or is it a harmful relationship?

  • Am I making decisions with my values in mind?

  • Have I over compensated in one or more areas?

  • How do I physically feel in this environment?

  • What is my emotional experience trying to tell me?

If you answer these questions with honesty and your truth, allow your intuition to guide you. If you’re unsure what the message is, BE still, meditate and listen- your soul has the answer.

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