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Self- Liberation

Updated: May 22, 2021

“Self-Liberation” 👉🏾 “Self liberation needs no permission but self consciousness and heightened desire to break the chains of limitations and the barricades of external restrictions” - Francis Acquah-Baidoo


👑This next chapter is about expansion and releasing fear and judgment. Too often, I found myself shrinking in an attempt to “serve” or control the narrative. I realized, I am not in control of many things but what I am in control of I want full agency with a deeper connection to myself, where I acknowledge freedom and call it in.


✨Faith & Freedom are two values I want to sit with more often- to live a life of trust & knowing; trusting that my guides, The Creator, my ancestors- are all guiding me. I just need to be present. Everything’s being orchestrated for me to WIN. This is a win for my ancestor and my decedents. James Baldwin said it best- my crown has been paid for, I just need to wear it.

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