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Let's Talk: Comfort Zone

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

There’s discomfort when leaving our "comfort zones" but it’s essential to your growth and expansion. Leaving the place you’re in, right now, because you desire more or desire different requires doing something different. Different doesn’t always feel good but what we do know, things remaining the same also doesn’t feel good but it’s known therefore we tend to stay with what we know.

This post is an invitation to expand and evolve. The “fear of the unknown” serves to protect you from something (failure, embarrassment, success etc) but when we’re present, intentional and conscious- the larger question is “do I need protecting, right now” and/or “what do I need to move through fear?”

Staying stagnant, sitting on the dream, not moving, not leaving that job, not ending that relationship- IT’S NOT SERVING YOU 🗣🤨 ‼️ So, leave the comfort zone and stay true to your process and journey! It’s worth it. The call has been asking for more of you; answer the call b/c the rest of us want you to show up, fully.

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