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Updated: May 20, 2021

Pure gratitude 🙏🏾✨ Over the past 6 months there’s been so much transformative change; a lot of shedding, surrendering and connecting within myself. The practice of “going within” has amplified outward and the transformation is reflected back to me within my relationships. The tough part, at times was acceptance- the relationships that are no longer in service to one another have been released (and are being released) which has created and opened space for me. As I am connecting to myself more, I find new and some existing relationships growing deeper and more meaningful, where I am able to be seen. Much of this healing work is practicing vulnerability and being seen by those who genuinely love you.

In shedding and surrendering (releasing control) I am more mindful of capacity and allowing relationships to flow with ease. At times, growth calls for new agreements and new boundaries with myself as well as others- this isn’t easy but it is important to the wellness journey; it’s a conscious choice. This is a practice of healing generational cycles and healing co-dependency to re-write a narrative with my ancestors ✍🏾✨. I am grateful for the relationships that that give space to re-write and allow me to “be” but also who challenge me to shred rigidity to grow deeper in “being.”

As there is so much going on in the world and perhaps within you- take time to go with in & allow love, grace and compassion to guide you. 🖤 Allow the love and compassion to come from within for you which will serve as guidance for the relationships around you.

Reflective questions: 👉🏾What does it mean (and look like) to go within? 👉🏾How do I practice self-love? 👉🏾Do the people around me reflect my divinity back to me? 👉🏾Do I feel seen as my most authentic self? 👉🏾Are my relationships calling for me to grow or shrink?👉🏾 How do I handle “failed relationships? 👉🏾Am I able to “go within” when I feel out of control? 👉🏾How do I handle relationships that aren’t growing with me? 👉🏾How do I feel when I am loved? 👉🏾How do I feel when I am seen?

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