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Release. Reconnect. Remember.

A space where we release fear to reconnect to self and remember our worth.


About Me

Counselor. Social Worker. Speaker. Educator. Spiritualist.

For nearly 10 years, Hakim has been an advocate for mental and emotional wellness. ‘His efforts have evolved to include a social justice lens as well as a spiritual perspective.


Hakim of Beyond Living was able to do exceptional work with my middle school community. The first time we got to work with him was during Black History Month, when he was a guest speaker sharing his experience as a therapist, and entrepreneur. The second time we worked with him was when he did a professional development with 40+ members of our staff, discussing subjects ranging from vicarious trauma, to emotional wellness. On both occasions our students and teachers were able to gain new strategies to deal with and identify stressful situations and emotional wellness. Our students and staff still use these strategies regularly.

Miriam Maul

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